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ATTRACT MONEY NOW with this Powerful E-Book Trio! ATTRACT MONEY NOW with this Powerful E-Book Trio!

Whether you're trying to succeed in the markets, looking for ways to start or expand your own business, or just trying to make ends meet, your attitude is the key to your success!

With this powerful group of e-books you'll have the keys to dealing with financial stress, connecting with the money-attracting power of your zodiac sign, and following the inspired leads of the richest people in the world! Now it's fun, safe and easy to improve your financial attitude and claim the wealth you deserve with Astrology and the Law of Attraction, Finding Super Riches in Every Zodiac Sign, and Plan 9 for Inner Space, three classic e-books by renowned astrologer Tim Bost.


Our Price: US$27.00
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Beyond The Shadows: Divergence and Opportunity Beyond The Shadows: Divergence and Opportunity

The effects of the Solar Eclipse of September 2016 on geopolitical events and on the financial markets are thoroughly illustrated and discussed in this fascinating book.

Our Price: US$108.00
Was: US$108.00


CD: Is That Jupiter in Your Fifth House, or Are You Just Lucky? CD: Is That Jupiter in Your Fifth House, or Are You Just Lucky?

Tim Bost brings some remarkable insights to the question of personal prosperity in this 74 minute audio CD.

Our Price: US$19.95


Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection

This special bundle of e-books includes six in-depth reports on seven solar eclipses! You'll get all the fact on all the solar eclipses from January 2011 through May 2013-- and you'll pick up amazing historical insights, trading strategies, and practical market tips along the way. Its more than 500 pages jam-packed with valuable astro-trading know-how!"


Our Price: US$197.00
Was: US$682.00


The Uranus/Pluto Waxing Square 2012-2015 The Uranus/Pluto Waxing Square 2012-2015

It's been over 130 years since we had to deal with a waxing Uranus/Pluto square-- and now we're getting 7 of them squeezed into a 3-year period!

The history of Uranus/Pluto alignments is filled with racial and social tensions, feuds that became an excuse for murder, stock market panics, the government taking up arms against its own citizens, financial fraud, and political corruption.

As this exciting new e-book demonstrates Uranus/Pluto alignments bring effects that can be absolutely devastating!

Line-ups between Uranus and Pluto can cripple the economy, spark riots and assassinations, push armed mobs into the streets, send businesses crashing into bankruptcy, and create huge divergences in the markets.  

Those divergences can mean huge trading profits for you, but most market gurus-- and even most financial astrologers-- aren't even looking at the planetary action that's creating massive opportunities for the top astro-traders!

This thoroughly-researched e-book by Tim Bost, editor of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, is the definitive guide to the most important Uranus/Pluto alignments-- and to the specific trading strategies that can explode your net worth!

Our Price: US$159.00


Total Sales Pro Training: How You Can Earn Huge Paychecks Selling Ideas, Products Or Anything Else - WHOLESALE Total Sales Pro Training: How You Can Earn Huge Paychecks Selling Ideas, Products Or Anything Else - WHOLESALE

Sales expert Tom Post draws on his years of experience to share the secrets of professional selling to help you get big results so you can earn a top income, and to help your sales team get spectacular results!


Our Price: US$191.52
Was: US$239.40