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Mercury Metrics - Quarterly Perspectives on Mercury Alignments and the Markets - First Quarter 2013
Mercury Metrics - Quarterly Perspectives on Mercury Alignments and the Markets - First Quarter 2013
Here's the the premiere issue of a brand-new quarterly publication that pinpoints key Mercury activation points in the markets. Use this concise, powerful information to identify high-probability trading opportunities that can give you extra leverage in stocks, bonds, commodities or FOREX.

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In his breakthrough book, Mercury, Money and the Markets, Tim Bost details some of the dynamic relationships that Mercury has with other planets, and reveals the results of years of study and market back-testing.

In the book, he reveals the core concepts and principles behind Mercury's action in the markets. But the question is, exactly when do these Mercury phenomena occur, and when are we most likely to see market effects?

That's what Mercury Metrics is all about.

This brand-new quarterly publication provides specific information about when you should be looking for Mercury effects in the markets, so that you can plan ahead to add this powerful astro-trading energy to your personal strategy for trading profitability.

There isn't any fluff in this no-nonsense publication. In just a few short pages, you'll get all the facts on the exact timing of the key alignments that can impact market action: geocentric Mercury ingresses, heliocentric Mercury ingresses, Mercury stations and returns, and the most important angular relationships between Mercury and the planets and transneptunian factors.

If you want all the details about how these alignments are likely to impact specific markets, you can find them in the pages of Mercury, Money and the Markets. But if you want to grab the key information and put it work in your astro-trading right away, then Mercury Metrics is for you- just review the information, flag the dates on your personal trading calendar, and get ready for the market action!

All the Mercury trading information you need for the coming months is available now in Mercury Metrics - it's an instant pdf download, so all you have to do is click the orange ORDER button and you'll get your copy right away!


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Mercury, Money & the Markets
Get the astro-trading advantage that can put you ahead of the market curve! This breakthrough new book by Tim Bost gives you inside information that's not available anywhere else!

7"x10" paperbound book.
288 pages

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