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Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection
Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection

This special bundle of e-books includes six in-depth reports on seven solar eclipses! You'll get all the fact on all the solar eclipses from January 2011 through May 2013-- and you'll pick up amazing historical insights, trading strategies, and practical market tips along the way. Its more than 500 pages jam-packed with valuable astro-trading know-how!"




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6 e-books, 524 pages total

Profusely illustrated

ISBN: 1-933198-27-3

ISBN: 978-1-933198-30-9
ISBN: 978-1-933198-34-7
ISBN: 1-933198-35-4
ISBN: 978-1-933198-39-2

ISBN: 978-1-933198-40-0

Don't miss this incredible bundle of six big eclipse reports! You'll get in-depth analysis of seven major eclipses, and gain an enormous amount of astro-trading know-how in the process.

It's a huge value at a discount price that saves you over 71%!

Here's what's included in this great package:

The Solar Eclipse of January 2011: Its Impact on the Markets

Retail Price $107.00

Tim Bost's special research report on the market-moving solar eclipse of January 2011 includes vital money-making information on how eclipses impact financial and political realities, and how this particular eclipse cycle offers unique opportunities. This comprehensive 80-page study features more than three dozen detailed charts and illustrations that clarify the eclipse dynamics, plus more than 125 specific times to watch for significant geopolitical events and profitable opportunities in the markets. It's an entertaining read as well as an insightful tool that can help you identify fresh opportunities as you explore present conditions in the light of critical lessons from the past.

Inside the pages of this exciting monograph you'll find the facts about:

* A key indicator of rapid changes in the markets, the economy, and the environment

* Specific stocks that offer good trading opportunities after the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse

* The reasons why things may get worse before they get better

* The likelihood of large-scale criminal activities

* More than 125 specific market pressure points that will be triggered in the months following the eclipse

* A stock market track record of more than 83% winning trades

* A time when it's particularly important to avoid "analysis paralysis"

* The dangers of self-deception and over-speculation

* The reasons why proactive planning is especially important during the first six months of 2011

* An important cosmic cycle discovered nearly 3,000 years ago

* Some foul-smelling situations during the year ahead

* Capital risks and opportunity risks

* Lunar returns to the solar eclipse

* Specific commodity futures to watch during the next six months

* Astrological clues for boosting business revenues and solving the unemployment problem

* A cosmic tug-of-war impacting economic trends

* What we can learn about the year ahead from the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Whiskey Rebellion

* The Central Bank behind the central banks

* Opportunities for profitable speculation, creative entrepreneurship, and innovative enterprise

* Potential challenges to the U.S. dollar

* The Suez Crisis of half a century ago and the Middle East of today

* Expanding power for the Federal Reserve Bank

* The countries around the globe that will be most strongly impacted by the January solar eclipse

* The potential for labor disputes, riots, and public confrontation

* An historical precedent for massive job creation

* Real and imagined threats of hyperinflation

And much, much more!

The Solar Eclipses of June & July 2011: Their Impact on the Markets
Retail Price $107.00

Here's just some of what you'll find in the 111 pages of this in-depth illustrated report:
  • Corruption and market manipulation behind the scenes. (page 20)
  • Why Iceland may soon be in the financial spotlight again. (page 34)
  • The story behind the amazing run-up in Silver. (pages 8-9)

  • A little-known energy play that could put you in charge of a toll booth on the road to higher energy prices. (pages 97-98)

  • The real problem that began in Portugal – nearly 600 years ago! (page 22)

  • When the equities markets will be ready for another major tumble. (page 74)

  • “Line-in-the-sand” politics and the federal budget deficit. (page 8)

  • The truth about using your intuition in the markets. (page 20)

  • Mine explosions and military expansion. (page 40)

  • The South American country that's getting the same pressure as the U.S.A. - and why it may fare better than its Yankee neighbor does! (pages 59-60)

  • Gunboat diplomacy and an unpopular ruler. (page 27)

  • A Pennsylvania company that's been in business for over 80 years-- is it destined to be the most profitable part of your personal stock portfolio? (pages 101-102)

  • Why Soybean traders may be in for a big surprise. (page 62)

  • A solar eclipse that most people won't even see. (pages 43-44)

  • The story behind a history-making rally in Gold. (page 26)

  • 122 specific dates to watch for eclipse activations that can move the markets. (pages 84-89)

  • The strange ties between Watergate, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Human Genome Project. (pages 49, 52 & 54)

  • A strange reversal that could be the key to a major move in Futures. (page 69)

  • Turning trading losses into a market education. (page 19)

  • Why ring tones, cartoons, and jokes may be a part of a wise investment portfolio for you. (pages 107-108)

  • How to apply mind over matter in the markets this fall. (page 76)

  • Why the pressure on the U.S. dollar isn't over yet. (page 60)

  • What's the hottest currency for FOREX traders to watch? The answer may surprise you! (pages 64-65)

  • Two real estate investments that could lock in extreme profits for you-- even though property prices are in the toilet! (pages 91 & 103)

  • Why this summer's eclipses could produce big changes in government. (page 44)

  • The planetary tipping point that triggered disaster in Japan. (page 7)

  • When to look for a “dead cat bounce” in the stock market. (page 75)

  • A North Carolina company with half a century of waterproofing experience- is it what you need to plug the leaks in your portfolio? (pages 93-94)

  • Religious warfare and attacks on oil shipments. (page 42)

  • Why it's important to re-think eclipse strategies. (page 5)

  • How Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, and John W. Dean are all connected with key events in June, 2011. (pages 49, 50, & 54)

  • Key locations where the next eclipses will have maximum impact. (pages 29 & 54)

  • Why a coin with a silly name may be the next superstar in the currency markets. (pages 64-65)

  • How a recent solar eclipse set up a trade with a fast 50 percent profit. (page 11)

  • A nanotechnology company whose products are very, very small-- but whose stock market performance is very, very big! (pages 95-96)

  • How a shift in a Caribbean nation could create new investment opportunities for you. (pages 57-58)

  • The European trading arena that's the spot to watch for market action in the coming months. (pages 63-64)

  • The cosmic connection behind the popular vampire stories. (page 4)

  • Why a little perfectionism can be a booby trap in your trading plan. (pages 81-82)

  • A time coming up soon when the market trends can get in the way of sane money management. (page 73)

  • Why the bears may have the right idea in a runaway Gold market. (pages 66-67)

  • Where to look for the Holy Grail of trading in late October and early November. (page 79)

  • How this summer's eclipses connect with abortion and women's rights. (pages 37, 39 & 53)

  • A curious eclipse pattern that's happened only 9 times in the last 100 years. (page 16)

  • How a previous eclipse in the current series triggered martial law in a Midwestern U.S. city. (page 49)

  • How a jewelry and gem stone company could become a powerful stock market play-- and when you'll want to trade its shares for the best ROI. (pages 105-106)

  • The Middle Eastern country that's been relatively peaceful lately-- but that's likely to become the next big trouble spot! (pages 55-56)

  • A key contrarian indicator that can point the way to bigger profits. (page 71)

The Solar Eclipse of November 2011: Its Impact on the Markets
Retail Price: $117.00

Here's just some of what you'll find in the pages of this in-depth illustrated report:

  • Why it's important to re-think eclipse strategies. (page 4-6)

  • A specific time when extra trading caution is required (page 62)
  • A sensitive focal point in the Middle East (pages 31-32)
  • International bankers and national leaders facing cosmic challenges (page 54)
  • The truth about the Holy Grail of market forecasting (page 5)
  • Dealing with an emotional trading environment (pages 55-56)
  • Key locations where the eclipse will have maximum impact. (pages 20-22 & 41-52)
  • The key commodities to watch in the months ahead (pages 53-54)
  • The big changes coming up in Spain (page 48-49)
  • 5 specific trading opportunities you can take advantage of (pages 66-77)
  • An amazing solution to the European debt crisis (pages 7-9)
  • Dealing with a major municipal bankruptcy (page 34)
  • Why things may get worse before they get better in the U.K. (pages 51-52)
  • The nationalization of a major bank (page 37)
  • Clues to the international currency wars (page 25)
  • Which global stock markets will be coming under fire (page 53)
  • The cosmic connection behind the popular vampire stories (page 3)
  • Two key stocks to watch with insurance and investment products (pages 74-77)
  • Hints of an important shift in British leadership (pages 52-53)
  • An eclipse-based trading strategy with nearly 15% profit in 10 days (page 18)
  • The hidden history of global banking rivalries (pages 29-30)
  • A nuclear threat that we can't ignore (pages 46-48)
  • Energetic profit possibilities from a major pipeline company (pages 70-71)
  • A major change in Gold trading (page 34)
  • Facing the need for job creation (page 41)
  • The real origins of British/German animosities (page 28)
  • Dealing with record trade deficits (page 39)
  • When we may have too much of a good thing (page 56)
  • A fertilizer company with interesting growth prospects (pages 72-73)
  • Work stoppages and runaway inflation (pages 37-38)
  • Confronting the politics of the past in France (pages 49-50)
  • The commercial secret behind the Thanksgiving holiday (pages 31-32)
  • Bailing out a major bank (page 40)
  • Confusing communications and market sentiment (page 59)
  • Challenges confronting China (pages 43-44)
  • Government seizures of private property (pages 37-38)
  • High-performing stock potential from a high-performance materials firm (pages 68-69)
  • Planetary impacts on the U.S. currency (page 53)
  • The surprising truth about Iceland's financial crisis (pages 7-9)
  • A serious situation that may paralyze many traders (pages 60-61)

And there's plenty more on top of that!

The Solar Eclipse of May 2012: Its Impact on the Markets

Retail Price: $117.00

Written by an astro-trading expert with a proven track record of stunningly accurate market timing, this unique volume takes you back more than 1,000 years to discover the ancient origins of the powerful eclipse cycle that's impacting the world today. As you explore incredible solar eclipses from the past, you'll learn about a history of events that changed culture and civilization, including:

  • The creation of an international commercial monopoly.

  • A major breakthrough in communications technology.

  • The spread of a bogus vaccine that paralyzed hundreds of people.

  • Religious disagreements that lasted for five decades.

  • Programs for raising taxes and increasing public assistance.

  • The destruction of a national treasure.

  • Big layoffs by blue chip manufacturers.

  • The construction of the tallest building on an entire continent.

  • A push to get rid of a central bank.

  • A global collapse in oil prices.

  • The origins of commercial junk bonds and consumer credit cards.

  • The creation of an artistic masterpiece by a scientific genius.

  • The unveiling of an international money-lending conspiracy.

  • New restrictions on labor unions.

  • Major milestones in modern marketing.

  • A massive foreign aid program.

  • The founding of the Knights Templar-- and the war meant to destroy them!

  • A record year for mergers and acquisitions.

  • Government-sponsored book burning in the U.S.A.

  • Terrorist bombings and violent attacks against religious groups.

  • A financial collapse that sent unscrupulous bankers to jail.

  • Plunging interest rates and rising stock prices.

The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets

Retail Price: $117.00

In this fascinating report you'll learn:

  • How a massacre in Chicago created an international holiday
  • How you can score big trading with eclipses
  • How a study commissioned by the U.S. Government became a working plan for Adolf Hitler
  • How a jewelry company can be a profitable trade for you
  • How a battlefield miracle produced a long-revered national flag
  • How you can profit from a unique television company
  • How a U.S. President lost his life because of a bowl of cherries
  • How a unique eclipse trading strategy pulled in big gains fast
  • How an exiled leader came to the Midwest to start a disastrous war against the U.S. Government
  • How John D. Rockefeller came up with a plan to perfect human nature
  • How watching the Moon can bring you profits in Gold
  • How Congress stepped in to limit discipline in the U.S. Navy
  • How the current solar eclipse will impact key currencies
  • How an effort to eradicate a disease triggered an outbreak of an ever rarer illness
  • How you can identify eclipse activation dates for turning points in the markets
  • How women's rights issues may soon disrupt an island paradise
  • How a space launch failed right before a solar eclipse
  • How you can master the most important skill for trading
  • And much, much more!

The Solar Eclipse of May 2013: Its Impact on the Markets

Retail Price: $117.00

Here's the latest report in our ongoing series of eclipse monographs. You'll discover the specific markets and locations most vulnerable to the energies of the big annular eclipse, the amazing connections between a centuries-long eclipse cycle and the oldest bank in the world, the challenges to the Japanese Yen, outstanding trading opportunities through the end of 2013, and much, much more.



6 Full-Length E-Books

7 Major Solar Eclipses

524 Total Pages

Hundreds of Charts & Graphs

Winning Trading Strategies

Unique Market Perspectives


$682.00 Total Retail Value

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