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Webinar Recording - "Astro-Trading Outlook for January 2014"

Join Tim Bost for a complete recording this essential webinar experience! It's 65 minutes totally jam-packed with in-depth insights into the key planetary dynamics expected to impact the markets throughout the coming month and beyond. This hard-hitting Webinar was originally presented on December 30, 2013. With this downloadable video recording, you can experience the entire event!


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Act now to get powerful trading strategies and unique market insights as you join Tim Bost for this exclusive recording of a live presentation on

Here's your chance to look turn the stress of the current market situation into more profitable trading for you!

When you view the MP4 video of this remarkable webinar, you'll get all the benefits of being a participant in this powerful online experience!

You'll get a full 65-minute session jam-packed with in-depth insights into the key planetary dynamics expected to impact the markets throughout January as we begin the New Year. It's loaded with ideas, insights, and action plans that you can take to the bank!

During our session you'll explore:

What's Ahead for Gold
The Month's Best FOREX Trade
An ETF You Should Be Watching
Reducing Your Market Risk
New About Astro-Trading Breakthroughs
Which Futures Markets to Watch this Month
Profiting from the Astro-Trading Advantage

...and much, much more!

This Webinar was presented on

Monday, December 30, 2013

but you can watch it
whenever you like
with this video recording!

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The history of Uranus/Pluto alignments is filled with racial and social tensions, feuds that became an excuse for murder, stock market panics, the government taking up arms against its own citizens, financial fraud, and political corruption.

As this exciting new e-book demonstrates Uranus/Pluto alignments bring effects that can be absolutely devastating!

Line-ups between Uranus and Pluto can cripple the economy, spark riots and assassinations, push armed mobs into the streets, send businesses crashing into bankruptcy, and create huge divergences in the markets.  

Those divergences can mean huge trading profits for you, but most market gurus-- and even most financial astrologers-- aren't even looking at the planetary action that's creating massive opportunities for the top astro-traders!

This thoroughly-researched e-book by Tim Bost, editor of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, is the definitive guide to the most important Uranus/Pluto alignments-- and to the specific trading strategies that can explode your net worth!

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