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Mars Triggers Special Package
Mars Triggers Special Package

A special combination package featuring "Mars Triggers and the Markets at the Cardinal Climax" - "Deadly Mars Triggers of the Cardinal Climax" - "The Power of the Planets: Mars/Jupiter Oppositions" - PLUS GREAT BONUS ITEMS!


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A special combination package gives you the complete information you need to use the Mars Triggers during the Cardinal Climax to increase the profitability of your trading.

This limited-time offer features all these great items!

* "Mars Triggers and the Markets at the Cardinal Climax" -
PDF Report for Traders
This in-depth 22-page report gives you all the back-testing details about the impact of Mars Triggers on major markets around the world. It's vital information for a profitable trading plan during the high-stress Cardinal Climax period!
Retail Price $77.00

* "Deadly Mars Triggers of the Cardinal Climax"
Webinar Recording - MP4 Video
The complete downloadable video of the ground-breaking webinar on July 23, 2010, with a detailed discussion of the Cardinal Climax, insights into how Mars triggers market trends, and more!
Retail Price $24.77

* "Deadly Mars Triggers of the Cardinal Climax" -
PDF PowerPoint Slides
Your own personal set of the PowerPoint slides Tim Bost used in his limited-enrollment webinar on the Deadly Mars Triggers! There were lots of highly focused insights on exactly how to squeeze the maximum profits out of this intensely stressful period.
Retail Price $11.77

* "The Power of the Planets: Mars/Jupiter Oppositions" -
DVD recording
As seen on Volume I of the Astro-Traders' Library DVD, this recording reveals the spectacular trading opportunities unleashed by the oppositions of Mars and Jupiter. It's one of the key planetary alignments of the Cardinal Climax, and you won't find this kind of uniquely valuable in-depth analysis available anywhere else!
Retail Price $127.00


And That's Not All!

Act now and get these two great astro-trading bonuses included on the DVD!

"Stocks That Move The Markets"
Some stocks are just plain heavy hitters, and big shifts in their trading trends are sure to add more value to your portfolio-- if you know how to time your trades' entry and exit points correctly!

"Finding the Money in the Astro-Trader's Horoscope"

Track this key planetary configuration in your own natal chart to get some amazing insights into the probable sources of your spiritual, physical, and financial health. It's entertaining information that can actually change your life in important ways!

Both Bonuses are Yours FREE on the DVD!

PLEASE NOTE: When you order this special-offer item, you will get immediate access to the downloadable PDF and MP4 files. You will also get a physical DVD in the mail, containing the Mars/Jupiter opposition information and two additional bonus videos as well.

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