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Mars in Action - DVD & E-Book Combo
Mars in Action - DVD & E-Book Combo

This informative combo pairs the Mars, Pluto & Big Changes in the Markets DVD with the Mars Triggers and the Markets at the Cardinal Climax E-book, at a special limited-time price that saves you over $60!

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DVD: Mars, Pluto & Big Changes in the Markets

A top-notch tool for astro-traders!

This power-packed DVD highlights the critical roles that Mars and Pluto play in moving the markets. Loaded with specific facts and trading strategies for the S&P 500, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, the Mumbai SENSEX, and Gold, this informative disc also includes a listing of key dates to watch for upcoming Mars and Pluto activations.

With the DVD on Mars, Pluto and Big Changes in the Markets, you'll discover:

  • The impact of Pluto Stations
  • A planetary phenomenon that brings the S&P up 85% of the time
  • A trigger that sends the S&P up but brings the Hang Seng DOWN 73% of the time
  • What to watch for higher Gold prices 89% of the time
  • The unique relationship between Mars and Pluto
  • The exact spot in the zodiac where Mars triggers an S&P decline
  • The zodiac hot spots for tops and bottoms in the Mumbai SENSEX
  • Back-testing results that can increase your trading confidence
  • Why a Mars/Pluto angle of 19 degrees is so important for the S&P
  • And much, much more!

1 DVD disc, 63 minutes. ISBN: 978-1-933198-26-2


E-Book: Mars Triggers and the Markets at the Cardinal Climax

A special report highlighting the role that Mars triggers play during the Cardinal Climax to create remarkable trading opportunities.

You'll find specific back-testing results for the key Mars triggers for:

* The S&P 500
* The Dow Jones Industrial Average
* The NASDAQ Composite
* The Russell 2000
* Gold
* Silver
* The US Dollar Index
* The London FTSE 100
* The Frankfurt DAX
* The Sao Paolo BOVESPA
* The Sydney All Ordinaries
* The Bombay SENSEX
* The Tokyo NIKKEI Index

Plus a special section on the important Mars triggers to the horoscope of the solar eclipse of July 11, 2010.

This is a high-powered money-making report you won't want to miss!