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The Solar Eclipse of January 2011: Its Impact on the Markets
The Solar Eclipse of January 2011: Its Impact on the Markets
In this in-depth report, noted financial astrologer Tim Bost probes the hidden significance of this major solar eclipse, detailing its anticipated influence on the equities markets, geopolitics, and more.

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Tim Bost's special research report on the market-moving solar eclipse of January 2011 includes vital money-making information on how eclipses impact financial and political realities, and how this particular eclipse cycle offers unique opportunities. This comprehensive 80-page study features more than three dozen detailed charts and illustrations that clarify the eclipse dynamics, plus more than 125 specific times to watch for significant geopolitical events and profitable opportunities in the markets. It's an entertaining read as well as an insightful tool that can help you identify fresh opportunities as you explore present conditions in the light of critical lessons from the past.

Inside the pages of this exciting monograph you'll find the facts about:

* A key indicator of rapid changes in the markets, the economy, and the environment

* Specific stocks that offer good trading opportunities after the January 4, 2011 solar eclipse

* The reasons why things may get worse before they get better

* The likelihood of large-scale criminal activities

* More than 125 specific market pressure points that will be triggered in the months following the eclipse

* A stock market track record of more than 83% winning trades

* A time when it's particularly important to avoid "analysis paralysis"

* The dangers of self-deception and over-speculation

* The reasons why proactive planning is especially important during the first six months of 2011

* An important cosmic cycle discovered nearly 3,000 years ago

* Some foul-smelling situations during the year ahead

* Capital risks and opportunity risks

* Lunar returns to the solar eclipse

* Specific commodity futures to watch during the next six months

* Astrological clues for boosting business revenues and solving the unemployment problem

* A cosmic tug-of-war impacting economic trends

* What we can learn about the year ahead from the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Whiskey Rebellion

* The Central Bank behind the central banks

* Opportunities for profitable speculation, creative entrepreneurship, and innovative enterprise

* Potential challenges to the U.S. dollar

* The Suez Crisis of half a century ago and the Middle East of today

* Expanding power for the Federal Reserve Bank

* The countries around the globe that will be most strongly impacted by the January solar eclipse

* The potential for labor disputes, riots, and public confrontation

* An historical precedent for massive job creation

* Real and imagined threats of hyperinflation

And much, much more!

e-book (PDF), 80 pages. ISBN: 1-933198-27-3

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