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Plan 9 For Inner Space - Special Bonus Offer!
Plan 9 For Inner Space - Special Bonus Offer!

Tim Bost brings you practical, down-to-earth tips to reduce the impact of stress in your life today. Whether you're a trader, an entrepreneur, or just someone struggling to make ends meet, the solid guidance you'll find in this e-book can make a huge difference in your life! LIMITED TIME OFFER - ACT NOW!

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No matter what your occupation or lifestyle, you need to watch out for stress! It can cause major diseases, trigger accidents, provoke violence, and ruin lives. It creates billions of dollars in economic damage every year. And stress can be personally devastating, too unless you have a plan in place to get it before it gets you!

That's where Plan 9 for Inner Space comes in. In this informative, easy-to-read book, financial astrologer Tim Bost looks through and beyond the realm of astrology to bring you practical, down-to-earth tips that you can put into place right away to reduce the impact of stress in your life today. It's all fun, safe, and easy, and the follow-up resources in this book are worth their weight in gold!


Here's just some of the great resources you'll find in this incredible one-of-a-kind publication:

  • Understanding your personal emotional cycles
  • Creative ways to slow down your life
  • How to get more done with less stress
  • Detecting stress in your physiology
  • How to let go of feeling upset
  • The medicine of the future
  • The importance of proper breathing
  • Pausing for acknowledgment and gratitude
  • Using small steps to get big results
  • Stress and dehydration
  • Dealing with an overstuffed calendar
  • Getting yourself back in alignment
  • Putting planetary cycles to work for you
  • How to tell if you're really hungry
  • The benefits of prayer and meditation
  • How to recharge your batteries
  • Escaping the negative effects of artificial light
  • Taoist healing secrets
  • Keeping yourself in balance throughout the day
  • What happens when your brain stops working
  • How to discover your inner power
  • How to avoid the medical costs of stress
  • The lazy way to wealth and fulfillment
  • Bad effects from good causes
  • How to stop worrying
  • Golf balls and Easter eggs
  • Reversing premature aging
  • Attracting ease and abundance
  • Getting past the different kinds of anger
  • Ways to avoid stressful blood-sugar swings
  • Casting yourself in a slow-motion movie
  • How to keep your buttons from getting pushed
  • Moving out of victim mode
  • Making conscious choices to avoid stress
  • Two words that can change your day
  • Using astrology to combat stress
  • Getting help for chronic pain
  • Amazing photographs of emotional energy
  • A mystic recipe for guaranteed success
  • Free resources for inner alignment
  • What to drink to instantly release stress
  • Listening to your inner guidance
  • The easiest way to think outside the box
  • Why your physical posture matters
  • A transformation secret from ancient Greece
  • Throwing the planning process out the window
  • Where to go to find magic
  • The truth about Transcendental Meditation
  • The best way to park your car
  • A Chinese exercise program for reducing stress
  • What to look for when you look in the mirror
  • Taking more time to pamper yourself
  • Guided relaxation and bedtime stories
  • Activating the Law of Attraction
  • And much, much more!

It's an outstanding value for you-- but the real question is what can happen if you DON'T use the simple techniques you'll find in Plan 9 for Inner Space:

  • Stress can keep you awake at night
  • Stress can ruin your appetite
  • Stress can destroy your marriage
  • Stress can alienate you from your friends
  • Stress can give you an ulcer
  • Stress can demolish your career
  • Stress can zap your sexual desire
  • Stress can pound your self-confidence
  • Stress can drain your bank account
  • Stress can sky-rocket your blood pressure
  • Stress can destroy your sanity
  • Stress can flat-out kill you!

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